Peyton here!! Welcome to These Three- I'm so glad you found us and I hope each of you find something that makes you feel beautiful and a puts a little pep in your step!

These Three started when I was a senior in college- my mom pushed me to take a major leap of faith and start These Three with her! I usually do the opposite of risk taking! lol I stick to my comfort zone so this was totally wild for me! She was worn out from nursing and my life/career was just starting, but she had a vision and I trusted it! After about a year in business my mom was able to quit nursing and work full time at These Three which made me the happiest daughter.

She had worked so hard for me her whole life, and for us to start something fun that allowed her to work full time in a job that she loved meant the world to me! 

After a couple years in business my dad was able to retire from his full time job at UPS and work with us in the warehouse which once again made me the happiest daughter ever!

Now, These Three is a full on family business- mom and I run ship, dad works in the warehouse, my sister Macie does returns and other tasks, and my sister Riley is full time and does all tasks alongside mom and I including modeling!

Getting to work along side my family is honestly the best gift/job EVER and I treasure it every day!

Thank y'all for supporting our family and allowing us to be a small part of your life/wardrobe!